To special education

ATTENTION: Due to the corona measures (COVID-19), the dates of the application and registration procedure have been adjusted. You will find the current information here.

Is your child attending special secondary education at this moment in time? If so, your child will remain registered in the same school next year also.

Is your child attending mainstream education at present but going to special education next year? In that case, contact the school for special education as soon as possible. Ask the CLB or the special needs coordinator at your child's school for help.

The Dutch-speaking schools for special education (BuSO) in Brussels operate their own registration policy. Registrations are taken by the schools directly. Check out the overview of the schools for their respective enrolment periods.

Mind: following schools operate an application procedure:

  • KoninkIijk instituut Woluwe BuSO (for pupils with autism spectrum disorders)
  • Kasterlinden (for pupils with autism spectrum disorders, for deaf and hearing-impaired pupils or pupils with a language disorder)

More information (in Dutch).


Where can I find information about the special secondary education in Brussels (BuSO)?

Go to (in Dutch)


I didn't get a place. What now?

Go to the school and collect a "place allocation unsuccessful" document.  Your child will be put on the school's waiting list and the school will contact you when a place does become available. What if you do not collect a "place application unsuccessful" document? If you fail to do so, your child's name will not be put on the waiting list and you will only be able to register your child in the school in question during the open registration round, provided there are any places left.