Registering in a secondary school that does not operate an application procedure

11 May 2020

Between 18 May and 10 June you can register your child for 1A and 1B in schools that do not operate an application procedure. To do so, contact the school.

Schools without an application procedure for 1A and 1B cannot refuse to register a pupil between 18 May and 10 June.

Some pupils enjoy priority during this period.

  • Pupils with at least one parent who has a sufficient command of Dutch. This priority applies to 55% of the places.
  • GOK/non-GOK pupils. GOK stands for 'equal educational opportunities’. Schools have places for GOK pupils (25%) and for non-GOK pupils (75%). GOK pupils have a mum who doesn't have a diploma of secondary education or who receive a school allowance. Non-GOK pupils do not.

Registrations for the second grade and the second and third stages are taken at the schools themselves between 2 and 15 June.



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