To the 2nd grade, the 2nd stage and the 3rd stage

Need to register your child in the 2nd grade of ASO (General Secondary Education), BSO (Vocational Secondary Education), KSO (Artistic Secondary Education) or TSO (Technical Secondary Education)? Or in a higher grade perhaps? Go to the school between 24 April and 9 May 2019 and register your child. Pupils with a Dutch-speaking parent will enjoy priority in this instance, for up to 55% of the places. Brothers and sisters of pupils, children of members of staff, GOK and non-GOK pupils do not qualify for priority.

On 10 May 2019, the open registration round commences. Are there still places available in a certain school? In that case, everyone can register.


Which documents should I take with me when I go to register my child?

Go to 'my file' > 'which documents'

How do I qualify for the priority arrangement Dutch?

Check out the site in Dutch.

Will the school check my documents?

Yes. If you claim to enjoy priority (Dutch, GOK or non-GOK), you must also be able to substantiate this on the basis of a document. The school will ask you for the relevant documents when you apply for a place. When you go about registering your child you will need to take these documents with you. In other words, the school will check the documents twice. If your documents are correct, your child will be given priority. If the documents are incorrect, your child will lose its priority status.

Where can I find information about the courses of study in secundary education?

Go to > studiekeuzebeurs (in Dutch).

My child has a resit or has a C certificate. Can my child stay in the same school even if the school is full?

Yes. The right to register only applies to new enrolments. Pupils with a B or C certificate are registered already. Their place in the school is guaranteed.