1st grade B

Tijdlijn SO zonder aanmelding
Tijdlijn SO zonder aanmelding


Do you wish to register your child in 1st grade B? In that case, you do not need to apply for a place. Go to the school between the following dates:


7 to 18 January 2019: Priority for brothers and sisters and children of staff
Is one of your child's siblings attending the school already? Then go to the school to register your child that is due to start school. Also children of members of staff enjoy priority. Ask the school for further details.


13 March to 2 April 2019: Registration 1A and 1B
Go to the school and register your child for 1A. Some children enjoy priority during this period.

10 May 2019: Free registrations
Are there still places available in a certain school? In that case, everyone can register.


Which documents should I take with me when I go to register my child?

Go to 'my file' > 'which documents'