To primary school

ATTENTION: Due to the corona measures (COVID-19), the dates of the application and registration procedure have been adjusted. You will find the current information here.

Children usually head off to primary school on 1 September of the year in which they turn 6 years of age. This is also the age at which education becomes compulsory.

Primary education numbers 6 grades. Children must attend primary school for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 years. After that, they go on to secondary education;

Mind: register your child on time! Is your child due to start primary school in September 2020? Put your child's name down at between 2 and 31 March 2020!


My child is going to school already. Do I still have to register it?

No. Once your child is registered in a school it will remain registered there. Registrations are valid for all the elementary school grades.

Is your child due to go from 3rd infants to the 1st grade of primary school? Or would you like to send it to a different school? In that case, you may have to register your child again.

Are there any admission requirements for primary school?

Did your child attend a Dutch-speaking nursery school for a minimum of 250 half days? If so, it can go to the 1st grade. Did your child not attend school for the required number of days? In that case, the primary school will decide whether your child can start.

Is your child going into a higher grade? Then there are no admission requirements.